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U3: Check-in: The American West


Part 1: Start your thinking and research

TASKS (about 10 min)
  1. Think about the American West. To help you with your ideas, look at the pictures and the text on TB 46/47 and at the vocabulary on TB 157/158.
  2. Write down some ideas about the West, that come to your mind (notes, not a complete text – you can either write in your exercise book or use a word processor like Word).
  3. Do a web search for some of the words and phrases that you thought of. Open a new browser tab for each new search so that you have the results of the all different searches available (verfügbar) at the end. You’re going to use some of that material in the next part.

Part 2: Create your »wall« and add things to it

TASKS (about 30 min)
  1. Go to
  2. Click the yellow button Build a wall. Now you have your own »wall« on which you can post different items (things).
  3. Now, everyone who knows the URL of your wall can add things to it or change the wall. To protect (schützen) your wall, you have to change the visibility settings (Sichtbarkeitseinstellungen) like in the following screenshot.

    Now, only YOU can change anything, other people can only view (ansehen) your wall.
  4. Double-click anywhere on the wall to add the first thing. Try out Padlet and do different things. You can’t break anything and most functions should explain themselves. (When you try out new software, remember this).
  5. Make a collage about your ideas of the American West. Use pictures, quotes (Zitate), webpages, maps, videos, audio – whatever you can find on the web. Put at least ten different items on your wall and include at least one map about the American West (you can get some geographic orientation on the map at the beginning of the TB).
  6. If you get new ideas while you’re already posting things on your wall, go back to part 1 and do some more research.
  7. Give the whole wall a good layout at the end.
  8. Copy the URL of your wall and post it into the text area below. Write your URL exactly like the one I already posted there.

Part 3: Explain your collage to a partner

TASKS (about 2 x 5 min = 10 min)
  1. Get together with another pair and explain to each other your collages and the items you put on them.
  2. As the speaker, be able to explain each item in English and make sure you can speak fluently (flüssig) about your whole wall.
  3. As the listener, tell the speaker when something is hard to understand or when you think you found a mistake.
  4. Some of you are going to present their walls to the whole group.
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