Talking about past habits: “used to” + infinitive

When English speakers talk about something that they did regularly [regelmäßig] in the past but that they no longer do, they often use the construction „used to“ + infinitive.


“I always used to go to this playground when I was a child”.

Als ich ein Kind war, bin ich immer auf diesen Spielplatz gegangen.

This construction is very common in English. It expresses [ausdrücken] a past habit [vergangene Gewohnheit]. When you use “used to” you’re saying that you no longer do the thing you’re talking about.

Video lesson

Watch this video lesson for explanation and examples.

Explanation and practice


Work through the following pages to learn more and practice this construction.

  1. used to do by – Make sure to do the games at the end of the page.
  2. Meaning and use of used to and be/get used to by the BBC – This page explains the difference between “used to” + infinitive vs. “to be/get used to something”.
  3. 'Used to' or 'use to' vs would by – This page explains “used to” and compares it to the use of “would” to talk about past habits.
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