Stressing what you want to say

  • Add extra stress (Betonung) to these sentences.
  • Have a look at the example in the first line of the table to understand how to do the exercise.
Unstressed sentence Sentence with extra stress added.
I need a hot shower now.
I really need a hot shower now.
What I need now is a hot shower.
1 I think that Cary likes Tom a lot. 1 I think that Cary does like Tom a lot.
I think that Cary really likes Tom a lot.
2 [annoyed]:
You always take my mp3-player.
2 You’re always taking my mp3-player.
3 Sarah, not Tom broke the window. 3 It was Sarah, not Tom, who broke the window
4 Please come on Saturday. 4 Please do come on Saturday.
5 Teacher: You haven’t done your HW.
▶ Ted: Yes, I did it.
▶ Ted: Yes, I did do it.
6 ▶ I’m useless with computers.
I can’t even send an e-mail.
6 ▶ I’m absolutely useless with computers.
7 You don’t need make-up.
▶ You need some sleep.
7 You don’t need make-up.
What you need is some sleep.
8 I’m really tired of this:
▶ You never clean up after you.
▶ You’re never cleaning up after you.
9 A: I can’t believe she said that.
▶ B: Yes, she said it.
▶ B: Yes, she did say it.
10 We met on Tuesday, not on Wednesday. 10 It was on Tuesday that we met (not on Wednesday).
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