Indirect speech (reported speech) – tandem exercise

Statements, questions and commands

Report the sentences a few weeks after they were said.


Ex.I am glad to be back at school. The holidays were so boring. Peter said that he was glad to be back at school. The holidays had been so boring.


1Sarah to Ann: “Go away!”Sarah told Ann to go away.
2Marc to his mother: “Have you seen my shirt?”Marc asked his mother if she had seen his shirt.
3Micky to Minnie: “I like your ears.”Micky told Minnie that he liked her ears.
4Mary to Sam: “Would you like to go shopping tomorrow?”Mary asked Sam if he would like to go shopping the next day.
5Marla: “I trained too hard.”Marla said (that) she had trained too hard.
6Angela to Marc: “What’s the problem?”Angela asked Marc what the problem was.
7Ms Smith to Angela: “Do you really want to be on that team?”Ms Smith asked Angela if she really wanted to be on that team.
8Carlos: “I come from Spain.”Carlos said (that) he came from Spain.
9Ms Smith to Angela: “Practise every day until next week.”Ms Smith told Angela to practise every day until the following week.
10Mom to Gareth: “Where were you last night?”Mom asked Gareth where he had been the night before.
11Peter to his dog: “Come here.”Peter told his dog to come to him.
12Sarah to Ann: “Peter may not phone me every day but I’m sure he thinks about me.”Sarah told Ann that Peter might not phone her every day but (that) she was sure (that) he thought about her.
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