Classroom phrases

  1. Translate the English classroom phrases and write down your translation. Study the phrases with their translations to make sure you can use them properly (angemessen).
  2. Highlight (markieren) five new phrases every week and learn them. Use them actively in the following lessons.

Talking to the teacher

  1. Sorry, I don’t/didn't understand.
  2. What’s … in German/English, please?
  3. What’s the German/English word for …?
  4. What does … mean in German?
  5. Can you tell me the German/English word for …?
  6. Could you repeat that, please?
  7. Could you explain that (again), please?
  8. Could you write that on the blackboard?
  9. I can’t see the blackboard/the transparency (properly).
  10. Could you move over (a little)?
  11. Can you push the blackboard/the transparency up/down/to the left/to the right?
  12. Can you focus the overhead projector, please?
  13. Can you speak louder, please?
  14. Can you turn the volume up/down?
  15. What’s today’s homework?
  16. Will this be in the next class test?
  17. When’s the next vocabulary test?
  18. Should we do exercise …?
  19. Can you switch on the light?
  20. Mr./Mrs. … I don’t feel well.
  21. Could you open/close the window, please?
  22. Could we finish the lesson a little early?
  23. Can we work with a partner?

Talking to other pupils

  1. What are we going to do first?
  2. Why don’t we do this together?
  3. Let’s make a list/a poster.
  4. I think we should …
  5. I don’t think we should …
  6. Why don’t we write a dialogue?
  7. Whose turn is it?
  8. It’s my/your/our turn.
  9. I’ll do that./I’ll do number 5.
  10. Can you look that word up, please?
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